Our 2016 Projects

After much deliberation and sketching we've selected the projects we'll be focusing on this year.   These will happen mostly in sequence but we may end up working on a few on parallel paths.    The projects listed here don't represent the big things we'll be doing, we may find some interesting side tangents along the way.  If any of these proposals sound exciting to you consider helping us design and build them by attending a meeting, sending us an email declaring interest or even donate a few dollars to help with costs

Without further ado here are the things we'd like to construct this year: 

A multi-person inflatable costume.

A large nylon inflatable, filled using mascot fans or even bellows.   Performed and animated by several people.   Title TBD

Completed by mid-June. 

For use at the Fremont Solstice Parade, LUMINATA (a lantern parade), & potentially without performers as an art piece for the Black Box Festival in late September.

Let It Rain

An art installation using umbrellas, LED lighting and motion sensors.  Umbrellas are mounted on tall poles with chasing LED strands hung below to emulate rain.  When participants walk below an umbrella the LEDs will turn off creating a simple form of interactivity. 

Completed by Fall.

Possible use at the Volunteer Park Summer Picnic (July 21st), Black Box Festival (late Sept), SEAcompression, and other arts events.

Lite Brite

A large installation for the Seattle Design Festival Block Party.  We'll looking at ways to illustrate the changing quality of daylight as well as the way space can change illumination.  For installation in early Sept. 

Tinker Tank

A collaboration with the Pacific Science Center and IxDA for the Seattle Design Festival Block Party.  A large installation that allows for exploration of mechanical ideas using everyday household objects.  Completed by early September for display at the SDF2016 Block Party and eventual permanent display at the Pacific Science Center. 

Guerrilla Projection Projects

We'll be stealthily projecting and projection mapping throughout the year.  Displaying art, film and more around Seattle's public places.  

Completed Summer