Summer Projects

We met on Thursday to layout future projects and summer possibilities.  We began by discussing a possible Tinker Tank Wall for the Seattle Design Festival Block Party in collaboration with IxDA and the Pacific Science Center.   We also discussed our solo installation for the same event based on a Light Brite.

We identified a list of possible events that we could be part of as a pop-up design exercise:

  • Georgetown Carnival - June 11 (Entry Fee, Deadline May 1)
  • Fremont Solstice Parade - June 18 (Grant Deadline Deadline ?)
  • Fremont Fair Stage Installations - June 18-19 (Grant Deadline ?)
  • Volunteer Park Summer Picnic - July 21st
  • Seattle Art Fair - August 4-7 (Guerrilla Installations)
  • PhinneyWood Summer Streets - August
  • Luminata Greenlake Lantern Parade - September
  • Seattle Design Festival Block Party - Sept. 10-11
  • Seattle Design Festival - Sept. 9-18
  • Black Box Festival - Sept 21 - Oct 2 (Deadline May 31)
  • SEACompression - November (Grant Deadlines October)

In addition to this list of sanctioned events we also looked at possible locations for self directed pop-up installations. 


Finally we sketched some ideas of possible projects for future grants. Including a conjoined inflatable suit, a high-five machine, digital umbrellas, a drop-in space activator, caricature bubble, and more. 

We'll meet up again soon to narrow the list of possible events down to something manageable and pick a project we think can work at several of them.