Capitol Hill Art Walk

We spent last night at the Capitol Hill Art Walk (which takes place on the second Thursday of every month).  

Over the last few months we've been working on an installation entitled, 'Eavesdrop'.  This installation combined an inflatable space with an interactive piece about passive surveillance. We created a series of "bugs" made from funnels and paired them with provocative questions.  Those bugs fed back to the inflatable room where the responses were recorded.  

Because our projects are often rapidly prototyped each installation and presentation is a bit of an experiment and this installation was no different.  We found that the sound transmission on the PEX lines in the party environment with multiple inflatable fans created a condition where it was a little more difficult to hear than we would have liked.  A future version of this project might forgoe the inflatable and focus on the signs, we also discovered that two way conversation was a more engaging exercise for the public.  While it doesn't play towards our original intent it's an interesting prospect and something we hope to explore in the future.  The questions on each end could be something that participants could ask of one another.  The sketching and recording exercise could still be combined, perhaps with a third party.   We're excited to see where this idea goes in the future. 

We also took this opportunity to expand our skills with inflatables, we opted for bedsheets because they can be scavenged easily but those sheets are quite permeable in relation to their weight and ended up making a internal plastic skin necessary.  Despite that the fabric really opens up the possibilities for shape and resulted in some very interesting forms. \

Special thanks to HyBrid_space for hosting us and being fantastic collaborators.