Dye Job AKA We learn about coloring fabric.

This week we focused on dying the fabric we scavenged from various Goodwill stores around town.  We're largely using queen sized sheets as an alternative to plastic for our next inflatable.  We settled on RIT Tangerine for a color which will allow the inflatable to coordinate with the orange PEX we've selected.   We decided to test a technique called Ombre which involves slowly dying a piece of fabric in segments to create a subtle gradient affect.  

Because we couldn't get 25 sheets that were identical we struggled to get each sheet to take the dye in a similar way, cotton sheets gave use a true gradient while Polyester and polyester blend sheets resulted in a little more uniform and lighter color as you can see below. 

All of the sheets will now need to be rinsed and washed.  We'll share photos in a few days when everything has dried and set. 

Update:  Here are the best Ombre sheets from the first batch.