Eavesdrop - Prepping for the Capitol Hill Art Walk

We're currently working on an installation for the Capitol Hill Art Walk.  We're focused on creating an installation that pairs an inflatable with the act of surveillance.  

One 12ft dia. inflatable made from reclaimed and re-dyed fabric will serve as a central chamber absorbing information from dozens of tentacles made from PEX tubing.  Each end of the tubing will have a funnel, button, light, or other interactive element to facilitate the transfer of info from the tendrils to the central hub.  

Each node creates a design opportunity; both the connection between the tube and the funnel (light bulb, etc) and the armature used to support the tube and end node.  

The tubing is an excellent material for the transference of sound, our tests proved that sound can translate over 50ft without significant volume drop which is encouraging due to the volume of the fans used to keep the inflatable aloft. 

The fabric inflatable will give us an opportunity to create a using solid dyed colors or perhaps by creating gradients with the dye (testing will occur next week).