GlowWorm Suits

Last night we went through our final preparations for Redmond Lights.  We assembled sandbags to keep our inflatable from flying away in the wind and we tested all our LEDs to develop a lighting strategy.  

In addition to creating a 200 ft long lantern each member of the team will also be wearing a 15 ft long LED strand underneath a clear raincoat.  We experimented with a few different ways of wrapping the light strand around a body.

We also did some timing tests on the LED light strips which required sorting through each light controller to find 7 with the most consistent timers even a few milliseconds difference will result in a light display that is out of sequence over several hours. This will ensure that our entire 200 foot run will change color at the same time. 

Finally we did another test inflation of the tube and did some final tape repairs on the ends that are most likely to collect water and pull apart. 

We're ready to go and we will be in Redmond's Central Connector Park at noon this Saturday to setup.  Come see us between 4pm and 8pm!