There is a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in.

We continue to progress on our inflatable light piece for Redmond Lights.  Last night we stenciled two quotes to the side of the plastic inflatable; both quotes were selected because they related to the visual look of our installation, the theme of Redmond Lights, and because they felt right for this moment in time.  When we first began the designing this project we were largely concerned with the technical aspects of creating a lantern out of extremely long inflatable, however over the course of the project the concept of a lantern in the darkness has taken on a heightened level of importance and resonance.  When we tested the piece last week we felt that it needed something a little more directly connected to a theme of hope, so we brainstormed statements, phrases, quotes or lyrics that might be apropos.  We selected a paraphrased lyric from Leonard Cohen's Anthem and a quote from Dr. Maya Angelou that was in turn inspired by at 19th Century African-American song. 

We will be at Redmond Lights on December 3rd from 3pm-8pm, look for us near the Redmond Central Connector Park.