A collaboration with activist arts organization Coltura and artist Samaj, 'The Gas Trap' is meant to illustrate how an addiction to gasoline is slowly poisoning our habitat.  The inflatable connects (visually) to a car using a large hose while the interior functions as a stage for an original performance piece by Alyssa Norling and Grace Orr.  

Team: Seattle Design Nerds: Trevor Dykstra, Chris Wong, James Taylor, Letao Tao, Hannah Baker, Emily Danchik, Rheanna Pless, Kristopher Miller, Geoff Henke, Phoebe Lam, Michelle Li, April Soetarman, Elise Leob, Joy Jin, Marta Kapoyos.  Coltura: Matthew Metz, Alyssa Norling, Grace Orr, Thomas.  Samaj Fine Arts