SimSandbox or AR Sandbox is an augmented reality sandbox that overlays a projected contour map and virtual water system onto a physical layer of sand.

Installed at the American Planning Association's National Conference in Seattle, SimSandbox was based on the open source AR Sandbox project by Oliver Kreylos

Make your own Flat Pack Sandbox!

For our second AR.Sandbox installation we prototyped a "flat-pack" design for the structure which should simplify installations for other groups making their own AR.Sandboxes.  This design allows the entire structure to be cut from a few sheets of plywood.

Due to interest from the community we've decided to make these CNC files and instructions available as a "pay what you want" download.   The package includes the cutting files in .dxf and .dwg format as well as a PDF with our purchase recommendations for materials and electronics.  You'll also find some simplified advice for the software installation based on our own experiences.   

Version 1.0 Team: Trevor Dykstra, Jeremy Reding, Vicki Ha, Ryder Ziola, Letao Tao, Marta Kapoyos, Michelle Li, Alaina Hamel, Michael Fischer

Version 2.0 "Flat Pack" Team: Trevor Dykstra, Vicki Ha, Letao Tao, Michelle Li, Jessica Durkin, Rheanna Pless, Marlo Brown, Marta Kapoyos, Chris Wong, Joy Jin, Emily Danchik