While we’re always looking for help with the design and fabrication of various installations and those meet-ups are open to all. We also occasionally need your help showcasing our installation at public events.  Below you'll find specific dates where we need more volunteers, these are short engagements that are perfect for those who'd like to get involved but don't have the time to commit to a long design/build process. 

curiosity days "evolving cities"

September 22 & 23

Pacific Science Center


Event Info: A weekend-long event that explores the connections between science and our region.  Visitors will engage with local innovators, explore new topics, and see what scientific research and breakthroughs are happening in Seattle. We will be hosting a hands-on activity that involves creating a model of a city using icons, blocks, and more. 


  • Saturday Sept. 22 - 10am - 6pm - Setup/Day One

  • Sunday Sept. 23 - 10am - 6pm - Day Two/Teardown


  • Facilitate the creation of our "city"

  • Interact with children and adults

  • We will have a table and chairs

  • We potentially will give a short 2-3 minute talk on a regular schedule

Staffing Needs:

4 hr shifts. Minimum 2 people per shift. 

Shift Sign-Up:

Sign-ups are closed for this event. Email us direct if you have any questions or concerns.