Our power comes from the community and to illustrate this, we created Plushcadia, an inflatable mural crafted—pixel by velcro pixel—by YOU. Part mural, part abstract campfire we centered this installation around the act of storytelling (visually and vocally) with the goal of fostering empathy and unity.    

The mural is made from a 35ft long continuous sheet of loop velcro and hung from a circular nylon inflatable.  The mural is large enough to display over 23,000 1" square velcro pixels and while it fills relatively quickly we found that the artwork was in a constant state of flux as elements were created, reconfigured, removed and reborn. 

Plushcadia was displayed at the Redmond So Bazaar, Seattle Design Festival Block Party, Seattle Mini Maker Faire and will return in December 2017 for Redmond Lights. 

Team:  Trevor Dykstra, Marta Kapoyos, Kirk Whayman, Emily Danchik, James Taylor, Letao Tao, Joy Jin

Redmond So Bazaar Timelapse
Directed & Edited by Chip Cornwell, City of Redmond

Evening Edition Interview
Seattle's KING 5 visits the Seattle Design Nerds