Our friends at Urban Artworks and Graypants throw an annual holiday bash to benefit Urban Artworks.  We're been privileged to contribute a design in 2014 and 2015.  In 2014, two massive inflatables constructed by the Design Nerds were installed on the roof of a building for an unforgettable night of fun with the pieces serving as the party venue.   In 2015 the Design Nerds constructed multiple abstract inflatable towers lit by color changing LEDs to serve as a backdrop to the center stage. 

2014 Team: Trevor Dykstra, Jeremy Reding, Letao Tao, Chris Wong, Jack Bennetto, Alaina Hamel, Marlo Brown

2015 Team: Trevor Dykstra, Jeremy Reding, Mike VanderPloeg, Letao Tao, Chris Wong, Michelle Li, Jessica Durkin, Rheanna Pless, Alaina Hamel, Marta Kapoyos, Joy Jin, Vicki Ha