Plushcadia Progress

For the last month we've been hard at work on our next installation.  The idea was first conceived earlier this year as a small installation for the Center for Architecture storefront.  Originally titled Plushscape the installation consisted entirely of foam pool noodles sculpted into a soft landscape. The installation went through several evolutions from that point before eventually settled on a piece that incorporated the soft landscape type element with the ability to adapt and change through interaction.  

We decided we wanted to explore how we use visual storytelling to create and strengthen our community.  Sharing our stores can encourage empathy and can break down barriers to power.  Our installation, now called Plushcadia in a very un-subtle nod to the region we call home, is both a chance to gather around an abstract campfire and craft visual stories on a large mural wall.  The installation is a 7ft tall inflatable wall arranged in a circle with a reflective interior and a fuzzy velcro exterior.  

Participants will be able to add to or edit the 11,000 pixel mural by adding or removing colored velcro squares (pixels).  We created a base mural using the collected doodles of our group, that mural will now be transposed into a "paint by numbers" abstract using numbers or hexadecimal color codes.  In this way participants will have the option to color in what is there or create their own visuals based on their own desires. 

Plushscadia will be on display at Redmond So Bazaar on August 31, the Seattle Design Festival Block Party on Sept. 9 and 10, Mini Maker Faire on Sept. 16 and 17, and Redmond Lights on Dec. 3.