Potential 2017 Projects - Join Us!

We met earlier last month to plan out our project goals for 2017.  Below is a partial list of potential projects.  If you'd like to join us this year feel free to come to ANY of our meetups, every meeting is open to all and you can jump in at any time.  You can also always email us with questions at seattledesignnerds@gmail.com

See you out there this year!


Potential 2017 Seattle Design Nerds Projects

  • Henry Gala (complete)
  • Coltura Activist Inflatable (ongoing, completion in March)
  • ILFI unConference After-Party Artwork (in discussions. May)
  • Seattle Design Festival Block Party (schematic design begins in April)
  • Plushscape (schematic design ongoing. Project begins in April or May)
  • Fremont Solstice Parade (schematic design in April, assembly in May/June)
  • Picnics in the POPS [privately-owned public space] (Summer)
  • Guerrilla Projection Artwork (ongoing as time permits)
  • Storefronts Installation (Submission due in Summer)
  • Inflatable Workshop (Summer/Fall)
  • Luminata (Sept)
  • Redmond Lights (Dec, submission in Oct/Nov)
  • SXSW (Spring 2018, submission in fall)
  • Bumbershoot (proposals in May/June)