Dodecatron Mockup #2

We made an attempt at creating a dodecahedron from 2x2s.  Here's what we learned. 

  • Mass producing the individual chords was a relatively quick process when combined with a jig. 
  • producing (10) pentagons took us approx. 2 hours.  
  • End screwing each pentagon proved to be difficult and ultimately was structurally weak.
  • Pentagons failed on minimal amounts of shear.  Shear plates would be necessary. 
  • Zip-tying each pentagon to create a dodecahedron wasn't stiff enough in a lateral direction and resulted in a pretty clunky looking shape. 

All of these has lead us to consider a few things.  We can stay the course with a dodecahedron shape but to create a safe structure we'd need to either create an expensive custom connector or use our hinge method.  The hinge method is viable if we create a single polyhedron but based on our model tests it appears that multiple small dodecahedrons will be more aesthetically interesting than a single one.    We'll quickly over-run our slim budget it we need to buy hundreds of hinges so we began to research off the shelf star connectors.  While we couldn't find one that would generate a dodecahedron we did find two cost-effective systems that will generate a polyhedron of a similar size.  Both construct domes but one will result in a single frequency dome and the second will create a double frequency dome.  Once we select an appropriate system we'll then begin to refine the interior experience of the space.