CNC fabrication

Meeting Notes: 02/04/16

With our final design established we nested all our parts on 4x8 sheets in the computer then sent these drawings off to a CNC fabricator.   For those who don't know, CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control, and we're referring to Computer Numerical Control Milling which is probably best simplified as "a computer that drives a spinning router bit around a table." 

CNC field trip to pick up the parts for our flat pack AR Sandbox.

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At this evening's meeting, we did a test assembly of all the parts including the projector to verify that our design actually worked the way we thought it would on paper.  Most parts and pieces worked well although we discovered a few areas that will need to be refined in our plans before we share them.   The table proved to be very stable and the plastic mortar tray makes for a very nice sandbox surface.   

These parts were then disassembled and sanded to remove burrs and splinters from the milling process.   We'll meet again later this weekend to oil are the parts and pieces to seal them against damage and natural weathering.