Projection Scheming - Meeting Notes

We met last week to begin scheming how we might use a projector in public space.  Because this project is 100% ad-hoc we'll be spending more time than usual nailing down a program and location.  Suggestions included:


  • Illuminator
  • Manatee Commune (music + projection)
  • Collaborate with musicians
  • reactive/haptic display
  • virtual graffiti 
  • Think of A City
  • dome projection
  • weird lens experiment
  • Projection Map (augmented reality)
  • flipbook (using overhead projector)
  • Secret movies
  • Film Festival
  • lectures/discussions


  • Demo Project
  • Interbay Grain Elevators
  • Colonnade (West Seattle)
  • Refractor
  • Monorail
  • Nord Alley 
  • Fremont Troll
  • Pike Place Wall
  • Hill Climb
  • Gasworks

We also discussed the possibility of submitting a concept to the Redmond Light Festival.  Some initial schematic ideas were floated a proposal will be sent to the festival this week.  If selected this project will take precedent over the projection series.